Here comes trouble

Have you ever been referred to as Trouble before?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not to my knowledge
  • Trouble is my middle name

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yes and I like it

I would imagine people have said “that guy? he’s trouble!” when I’ve been revving my Harley or whatever. Not to my face though no. No-one would dare.


The lady that works on the butcher’s counter at work calls me ‘trouble’ at least once a day. Makes me feel dangerous.

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My dad says this about almost anyone

Mate, it’s something you say to toddlers.


Ever knowingly burst someone’s bubble?

  • Yes once
  • Nah
  • Bubble burster is my middle name
  • Not sure

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Used to say it to my boss, even if he wasn’t coming/going anywhere, which annoyed him greatly :frog:


we lost a great one last year.

written by yer man from Rancid


I really hope not.

i like saying this to people but i am an idiot. i also like saying here they are! when people arrive or if i bump into someone. i also like it if i open a door and someone i know is on the other side like they were about to open a door and i’ll say i’ve been stood there for ages waiting for them. i am an incredibly funny man


I like Pink but that is some bad horse foley at the start of that video. For shame. Seriously, why is the horse in about five different environments when clearly it is supposed to be in a field come on.

I dunno. My main takeaway from that video is that she’s trouble.

This is what they’ll say in Northern Ireland after Brexit

and make it double!