Here he is!

  • It’s the real him
  • cough

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what was the quiz thing and was it good?

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was literally about to ask this

it’s alright. finishes tonight.

It’s been alright, bit cheesy.

Main thing is that it’s made me aware of the opinion that they’re not actually guilty. Thought it was a closed book (case?).

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  • Guilty
  • Not guilty

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He lives near Bath and his wife has a stall every year at the Christmas market and every year hundreds of people walk past and cough at him.

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Not what you want right about now


Yeah they probably won’t do that this year tbf.

fucking yes

think he should have kept the million for being clever enough to cheat

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I thought I knew the details already but i wasn’t aware of this weird subculture of quizzers who shared information and made coordinated efforts to win the money.

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Question Whittock.


Yeah there’s no way that’s him is there