Here it is: The Evening Thread!

What up, evening posters?

I’m about to open a bottle of rosé, even though it hasn’t been particularly hot or sunny today. Just saw some news footage from the London marathon which made me happy I’m not there.

Let the evening chat commence!


I’m feeling affluent this evening so I’m streaming music on my phone while I’m on the train. :money_mouth_face:

Gonna regret this at the end of the month.

Saw this also on the news, in between all the weather chat.



Got chicken* burgers w/ avocado for tea :yum: gonna watch a movie and then bed and hope my neighbours dont keep us awake all night


Sitting outside a pub in Kings Cross on my own waiting for my train up to Middlesbrough and just found out that Avicii has died aged 28 in Oman of all places. wtf.

Fucking hell!


Hi WR :slight_smile: :wave:

I don’t know what to do this evening :confused: might just read my book and eat cheesecake.


Where in Kings X are you pal

Pretty solid Friday night, that.

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Sounds like a pretty bangin’ plan if you ask me. I might have personally added some wine into the mix, mind.

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Hi ruskie! En route to kings x to meet the missus for a few pre-train drinks.

Edit: me and @badmanreturns are not in a relationship (as far as I know).


Had an accident with a bag of fake blood earlier. Work has been well fun this week :grin:

Can’t wait to go to bed later.


Made some ikea furniture, applied for a couple more jobs, ate a Brian Harveyesque amount of jacket potato and tuna, went and had a Mr Whippy, so I feel like I’ve really earned sitting around watching TV with a load of snacks. Might go and buy some ciders first.

I was in some pub beginning with F… Furlow? Already had to leave for the station sadly. Travelling first class tonight though as it was only a tenner extra :sunglasses:

alright, going to eat a pizza (dr oetker mozzarella), then go to the pub. probably drink a beer or two, only time will tell.


going to run a really hot bath now.

Think I may have a problem

Turns out 100m of bubble wrap is quite a lot


Ok so where in King’s X are YOU goung to be then

Bout to go out for some shellfish, vino and then into a big shindig at the warehouse.
Should be good.