here it is!

a thread about socks

where do you buy socks? how much do you spend on socks?


do you rotate your sock wardrobe fro different seasons??

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This is a well-timed thread for me as I am looking to upgrade my socks (and pants) over the course of the upcoming weekend ahead of a number of trips.

i was just realising that all my favourite socks are too heavy for the coming summer season

need some #summersocks

M&S are the only ones that really fit properly (size 13) so there or occasionally Asos. I like a striped or similarly jauntily patterned sock without descending into novelty. Cheers.

I think I’m alright for #summersocks but my collection of #standardsocks is in complete disarray

I buy two types of socks (all black)

  • trainer socks from decathlon
  • standard socks from tezzas

No matter how many I buy they always seem to disappear :woman_shrugging:

I do not distinguish between seasons

Get quite excited at getting some new socks. Obviously my Breakfast Socks revelation has made me curious as to what other outlandish sock combos I can do in future.

my whole life i’d always just buy whatever was cheapest, but have very slowly snuck a few #premiumsocks into the rotation and it’s such a treat when they come up i feel like i should treat socks more seriously

my favs are some heavy m&s ones but they’re a bit too heavy for right now hence the thread

got some Hiking Sock Chat i can also deploy at some point ITT

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Work socks: John Lewis, the ones that are black with the coloured toes and heels.

Personal socks: usually get some on sale at Fat Face whenever I’m in an airport, weirdly. Means I can get multiple pairs with sharks, penguins etc on them for about £3 each.

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Anyone else refuse to recognise the concept of matching socks

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I get mine from h&m. I always buy ones where each pair looks different because i don’t like mixing up pairs, so most of mine are black with a stripe around the top. They get thrown out when the heel starts to wear through

Fancy socks are probably the only garment I enjoy buying.


I tend to go to TK Maxx

3x categories of socks for me (not including bike socks)

thick/ boot socks

regular socks

short socks for wearing with shorts

I have several socks missing a pair right now which is distressing for me - I do all my own washing and live in a small flat. WHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GO???

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On Saturday my sister became the second of my (two) sisters to betray me by marrying a Liverpool fan so what I did was make sure that I wore some socks that had Eric Cantona on them for the ceremony.


have done it out of necessity / sleep deprivation induced confusion

I’m gradually branching out into less boring socks and have a pair with dinosaurs and a pair with unicorns

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When I do 5 a side I have to wear very thick socks because thin socks, twinned with a lot of sprinting and turning, leads me on a one way trip to blistertown

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Tempted to throw away all my socks and buy twenty pairs of the exact same socks. Really good ones. Consolidate my sock game in my thirties.


I buy crazy socks so that people know I’m a zany guy!


HATE trainer socks with a burning passion. they don’t stay up!

think i bought some socks from h&m once and they turned out to be trainer socks by accident. never going to risk it again.