here it is!

Here’s a #sockstory for you - I was in New York a while ago and was one pair of socks down on what I required, so I went to a huge Uniqlo to sort myself out, and they had walls and walls of socks, but they were all ‘one size fits all’. I was sceptical, but bought a pair anyway, and they fitted like a glove! Clearly their sock technology is more advanced than ours.

In a recent bout of penny pinching I bought a big load of socks from George at ASDA for £6.

Didn’t think shit socks were a thing that could exist but, they do. They really do.

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i am also sceptical

My mum gave me some lovely bamboo socks recently- they are beautiful, as soft as cashmere but not sweaty. Very breathable and cool and well as cosy. I am a huge fan.

Had to get some new sports socks recently and got some fantastic cushioned trainer socks in primark for something stupid like £2 for 5.

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Seems very, VERY risky re potential panda attacks though


Me neither, don’t even own any

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Mate I’m wearing a DRESS made from bamboo cotton. I’m now feeling very vulnerable.

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Get changed. IMMEDIATELY. For your own good.


The nearest pandas are 45 miles away in Edinburgh Zoo - might just be able to risk it.

i’m the opposite. don’t like wearing thin socks ever (but i have to because it’s warm now)

Looking forward to tuning into BBC Alba (?) for the local news this evening…


No, will wear slippers if needs be indoors. Maybe I just have sweaty feet :man_shrugging:

Oh right, yeah

Although I think it’s more the restricting feeling that I dislike about thick socks.

Can’t wait to get home and post a picture of my newly organised sock shelf.


it’s amazing what we learn about each other on this online community of ours x

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read something about soldiers that have to march for hundreds of miles will wear one pair of thin socks underneath a thicker pair and this stops you getting blisters or sweaty feet because of air between them or something idk. they need to be made of cotton for it to work i think.

obviously never tried it because it sounds stupid