here it is!

Here’s a #sockstory for you - I was in New York a while ago and was one pair of socks down on what I required, so I went to a huge Uniqlo to sort myself out, and they had walls and walls of socks, but they were all ‘one size fits all’. I was sceptical, but bought a pair anyway, and they fitted like a glove! Clearly their sock technology is more advanced than ours.

In a recent bout of penny pinching I bought a big load of socks from George at ASDA for £6.

Didn’t think shit socks were a thing that could exist but, they do. They really do.

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i am also sceptical

My mum gave me some lovely bamboo socks recently- they are beautiful, as soft as cashmere but not sweaty. Very breathable and cool and well as cosy. I am a huge fan.

Had to get some new sports socks recently and got some fantastic cushioned trainer socks in primark for something stupid like £2 for 5.

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Seems very, VERY risky re potential panda attacks though


Me neither, don’t even own any

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Mate I’m wearing a DRESS made from bamboo cotton. I’m now feeling very vulnerable.

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Get changed. IMMEDIATELY. For your own good.


The nearest pandas are 45 miles away in Edinburgh Zoo - might just be able to risk it.

i’m the opposite. don’t like wearing thin socks ever (but i have to because it’s warm now)

Looking forward to tuning into BBC Alba (?) for the local news this evening…


Oh right, yeah

it’s amazing what we learn about each other on this online community of ours x

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read something about soldiers that have to march for hundreds of miles will wear one pair of thin socks underneath a thicker pair and this stops you getting blisters or sweaty feet because of air between them or something idk. they need to be made of cotton for it to work i think.

obviously never tried it because it sounds stupid

[updates spreadsheet]

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Idea for a product: Glossy socks

I keep my socks in a wicker hamper I won in a raffle (it had food and stuff in it)

saved me a significant amount of drawer space