Here’s a top tip for you

Outdoor slippers.

Oh, you mean shoes? No, I fucking don’t.

Just slippers that you wear outdoors.

Got to take the bins out? Outdoor slippers.
Got to…go outside briefly for another reason? Outdoor slippers.
Just actual slippers (not crocs or some other awful slip on shoes) that you solely (haha) wear outside.

NOT to be confused with indoor slippers.

  • I do this
  • I don’t do this…yet!
  • I will never do this!
  • I don’t even have indoor slippers!

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I mean yeah this but Deffo crocs or Adidas sliders. Not slippers that’s wrong

I use a busted up old pair of Puma trainers if that counts?

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It does NOT!

If you’re too embarrassed to wear crocs in your garden you need to work on your self confidence. Can we help you with that?

I’ve got some busted old slipper boots with plastic bottoms, yes.
£6 from Aldi and they continue to serve me well.

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I struggle to buy nice slippers actually, what with the size of my hooves. Quite sad that these have been relegated for outdoor use only.

I just wear my trainers indoors too, and then I don’t have to worry about additional footwear or changing what’s on my feet.



Trainers in the house?!?
Oh no. Oh no no.


So by indoor shoes that you wear outdoors, do you mean… shoes?


How fast could you run in your slippers?

  • Peter Kay

Had garden shoes when i was young and my dad had built a shoe rack for them but the only problem is that spiders and snails made their home in them even with the door shut, so now I just use my indoor slippers (I use crocs) if going into the garden and my outdoor shoes if it’s too muddy

I don’t have outdoor slippers, but do have a pair of old shoes where the back has been crushed, so you can just pop your feet in without having to lace them up while holding a bin bag.


Sliponability :copyright: is key here

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I laser clean the space between my front door and the bins on a daily basis, with lasers, so this isn’t an issue for me. I’m more concerned with what happens when laser use is criminalised.


Call them mules and you’ll be bang on trend

You’re welcome!
Here are my outdoor slippers

And my indoors

  • Your outdoor slippers are a disgrace! I believe in throwing everything away because I hate the environment and animals
  • I’m sure they serve their purpose very well
  • I will be making some other derogatory comment, please read below

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Slippers are awful. Just go barefoot all the time, inside and out when at home.

You heard me.