Here’s something that I do

I’ll go to a cafe with my small kids and before we leave they will say they don’t need the toilet.

Then we’ll walk around the area for anywhere between 20mins to 2 hours and they will say they now need the loo.

I don’t use public loos, so I will return to the cafe but instead of just using their loo, I will buy another item as I don’t want to be mistaken for a non-customer loo user, as I don’t know if the staff will remember me AND my initial visit to the cafe has ended.

  • Madness
  • This is logical
  • I wish I hadn’t read this
  • This isn’t logical but I would do this

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I also do this

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I don’t do this but if I was in a similar situation I believe that I would do this.


Sounds like everyone’s a winner

  • the second purchase is required
  • isn’t

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Don’t think you’d ever get away with taking kids into any food and drink outlet and not buying them something tbh. Toilet or not.

I know someone who uses McDonalds toilets rather than public ones but, before he does, he stands in front of one of those giant iPads randomly prodding it for a bit to give the illusion he’s placed an order.

It’s so pointlessly elaborate :smiley:


Reason #18278901 not to have children

I hope one day he shits himself while trying to decide if he wants 6 pretend McNuggets or 12


surely mcd’s is the gold standard of places that dont care in the slightest


Running down his leg as he tearily chooses BBQ dip.


Exactly. As if one of the staff is going to vault the counter and demand to see proof of purchase.

i bought a latte here four years ago i am entitled to use the facilities

Sir, this is a vet’s office now

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Good idea and I will be using this in future

Can still give you a reasonable coffee from the purrrrr-culator though.

Fucking hell, I’m so sorry.

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Right, that’s me muting the thread

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On the second visit they get nothing! (They get a Juice carton and crisps first one) Get myself another flat white to take away.

Great idea!