Here's a good invention I just thought of

You know when you eat food you can get bits of food in your teeth or slowly damage your teeth over time by eating?

Why don’t dentists give you like a custom moulded tooth guard so you can eat food without it ever touching your teeth and damaging them? Perfect teeth for your whole life!


inside would be like a nice cushiony lining so it doesn’t scrape your teeth and the outside would be metal or a really tough ceramic thing.

So fucking simple I’m a genius


The teeth laminator - sounds like a winner to me.

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you’re going to make millions and take loads of holidays now

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also would protect your teeth from decay from smoking so there’s an added plus

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Pull em all out

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I don’t want the money I just want the teeth of the world to be happy

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You can’t file a patent application over the phone ffs.

It’s 2018. You do it by fax.


I’ll need to get back to you on that in a bit, my notifications just went nuts for some reason.

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Has anyone ever patented nuts?

Booking my appointment with @Epimer right away

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We call them “means suitable for securing bolts” in the profession. Rolls off the tongue.

There is a guy I work with who puts fake white teeth over his real teeth
BUT he has to take them out to eat

dear Dr. Epimer

hope this will do for the patent


Thanks for your time


bet he’d love a Chompter tm Foodguard

If you include a means to contact you on there you could genuinely file that at the UK patent office.

I mean, don’t, but you could.

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I don’t want to own it I just think the world should have one.

Can you make a thing if it doesn’t have a patent?

I think food would get stuck in it somehow

would not!

Yeah, patents don’t grant you a right to do a thing, they only let you prevent other people from doing the thing. They’re kind of a dick move.

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