here's a little life tip for everybody

when you pour some orange juice, try diluting it with water, that way it is nicer and will last longer



I reckon a lot of restaurants etc secretly dilute their juice.

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I hope so! I grew up believing you couldn’t dilute juice as that was what squash was for…turns out you can dilute juice as well and it tastes better

I am a concrete tongued oaf and need it neat, that’s why I’m always weighing juice up wondering if it’s been topped up. Such fun at the dinner table.

you a full fat can of coke kinda guy?

I’m a pepsi max with cherry actually atm, probably not as fizzy but stronger due to some mystery chems.

yeah I always go for pepsi max, even though I don’t think it tastes that great it’s just a bit thicker than diet coke and also cocacola are extra evil I believe

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Pepsi Max is the bestest yum yum

yeah but please dilute your juice x

i don’t think i will, thank you very much


get the fuck out of my thread!


only joking very sorry

you’ve done it now

yeah, guess this is the end for us

Ah this is where the apfelschorle comes into its own-German drink that is half apple juice (or other fruit of your choice) half sparkling water


that sounds very good indeed

I usually do… with lemonade yum yum

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oh yeah orange juice and lemonade is a real good time


Very refreshing in the summer, more so than say coca cola

always think coke is only fun because the liquid is black, not actually that nice of a flavour after the first sip