here's a little life tip for everybody

at least we can agree on that.

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Have you had fentiman’s cola?

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I don’t think so, I recently branched out to try san pellegrino lemonade, felt a bit self-conscious but it was nice

The cherry cola is a beaut

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I really like the blood orange san pellegrino (aranciata rossa it’s labelled)

They do a mint lemonade too


Orange juice gives me mouth ulcers. I know that sounds like bullshit but I never, ever get mouth ulcers unless I’ve had orange juice 1-2 days ago. I’ve tested it multiple times.

I miss orange juice.

I really like the Fritz coffee cola too, but they only seem to sell it in Germany

I believe it, I actually usually feel more unhealthy after drinking orange juice, claggy throat time always have to clear it

yeah I can imagine those two flavours working well together, they should do that in actual coffee places, might make ice coffee less disgusting

My tip is, next time you’re thinking of buying some orange juice, buy a different juice that actually tastes nice instead

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any suggestions?

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Orange juice and tonic is nice. The mint lemonade San Pello is really good.

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check out this guy

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orange & mango is really nice but you can’t dilute that one. Something about the mango adds a bit of saltiness to the flavour and that doesn’t go well with water

You need to say “Alexa, any suggestions?” for it to work

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Apple is ok, apple + an additional ingredient usually better unless that ingredient is orange

I don’t know what it is about oranges, because when someone is eating one they smell so nice, but orange juice tastes bad and doesn’t smell like eating an orange. Obviously although some people manage to eat oranges, I class them as ‘technically edible but not food’, in the same way that you won’t die from eating paper but it won’t be enjoyable.

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Alexa, any suggestions?

Don’t you start

oh is this a thing?