Here's a Monday night thread


Is someone else starting another thread? Who knows.

Anyway, Monday night.

Bin night for me, and fish stew for dinner.

Might start looking at a remix I’ve been sent the stems for.


Oh no, I’m in trouble


Having a bbq and watch the estuary because why the fuck not since since we don’t know when we’ll be down again after this week.

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having a boring supermarket pizza and then gonna fight some dragons and stuff. s’bout it.

:crossed_swords: :dragon: :mage: :elf:


Currently got some stuffed mushrooms in the oven, if you know what I mean

workin with folks in new zealand, even on fun shit, is incredibly irritating with timezones

Evening. Feeling a bit out of sorts as I did a 14½hr night shift last night and have had about 2hrs sleep today. Having some sort of Borek dish for tea and early bed.

made some excellent meatballs on sat night, so gonna have leftover those with some pasta.

should I feel bad for going to coop to buy junk food because of coronavirus?

  • Yes
  • No

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Cooking a full roast, as it’s our Sunday😭

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Had a stressful day so looking forward to taking my mind off things by hitting critters with an axe and eating pizza


it’s a pint of wine and crying to Everytime by Britney Spears kind of evening


i love the regularity of your monday night pizza

when cooking pizza at home

  • top shelf
  • bottom shelf

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I’ve got the good one today! It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve had it :drooling_face:

Top shelf, but placed in the middle of the oven

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Bottom shelf but placed at the top of the oven.


your mad you are

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