Here's a Monday night thread

I have two ovens and the big one is broken. I could still make it work for a while with a lot of fiddling but I can’t anymore. I need to get it fixed but can’t be arsed. So make do with the small one. What a miserable life.

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Thanks, they were delicious

Just found out Fray Bentos is a city in Uruguay. So when Brent says “Fray Bentos” in answer to the “name the Cuban leader” question there is actually a slight association there with the South American thing. I thought it was because Fidel Castro and Fray Bentos are similar words in a way I can’t explain.

  • I knew this and Gervais/Merchant probably did too
  • I knew this but I bet they didn’t
  • I didn’t know

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Finally remembered to pick up some chili oil for home. This stuff is good, knew filippo wouldnt let me down.


Et voila

  • I thought of the city when this line happened in The Office
  • I thought of tinned pies

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Was listening to steely dan whilst stoned strolling down to coop, definitely felt like the coolest person on the street. The world is lucky to have me in it


we threw a tinned fray bentos pie onto my friend’s trampoline as a troll once, not sure why

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Today has been fucking fucking fucking shit.

Feels like April again in the 1000years household.


Solidarity like

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had a shitty day so gonna sack the diet off and have steak and chips.

Nice having mondays off with the silly toddler but my word is it exhausting… TV seeing a friend later so hopefully a bit of time to work on music for me.


a like to send you a :heart:

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maddest of mad long days. Still, got an oetker in the oven (both shelves as actually it’s 2) with fries and probs some sweetcorn. Then going to mong out and watch some TV

It is innit. Spent the afternoon building towers and robots with mega blocks and that was enough


can’t believe how many top-shelfers we’ve got amongst us

Feeling monumentally sad tonight lads ngl. I’d just got my hopes up about going back into the office with some other people there, being able to socialise in pubs properly, not be on my own 95% of the time and all of that is slipping through my fingers. I know that sounds selfish.


I think they knew this, but Brent just blurted out a stupid answer and it wasn’t because the Uruguayan city was at the back of his mind

Not at all, it’s a rubbish situation x

I’ve been feeling similarly despondent

Had dinner already. Gonna make a Thai red curry paste now tho. Might do the green too if I can BA.