Here's a really funny thing for a Friday afternoon

Honestly can’t stop laughing.



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Push them kids! Throw them round the room! What an irritant!

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This is fantastic :smile:

I think I’ve seen this video about 60 times today. I think it might be the most viral thing I’ve ever seen.

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:smiley: lovely stuff

it’s the comedy march in the door that totally makes it


I couldn’t imagine a more boring man to have as your dad.

Nah, definitely the kid in the baby walker


I guess it’s the escalation of farce. comedy march. him hitting the kid without looking. baby walker strolling in. woman running full tilt.

10/10 stuff

I can’t find my parental ‘you are not alone’ post…

I don’t think I want to be this guy’s kids or the kid’s Nanny. She looked terrified.

I feel like this bloke was handed a massive win and managed to throw it all away. All he had to do was take his daughter on his knee or engage with his kids some other charming way and he would be “Worlds Best Dad!” on buzzfeed but instead all we have is our lols at a bizarre pantomime.



Quite enjoy how he doesn’t just turn around and sort it out but opts for blindly sort of mopping the kid with his hand


Sick of seeing this. Isn’t even funny

are you crazy? It’s the new Del Boy falling through the bar

Been trying to imagine how the conversation between him and his wife/whoever the lady was must’ve gone afterwards. I assume it would’ve involved a world record sigh, some serious headshaking and a slammed door.