here's a tip

when it gets too hot, put two grapes from the fridge up your nose

it really helps!


A mates kid once stuck a frozen pea up his nose and had to be put under general anaesthetic while a doctor fished it out.

So whilst this is a great tip please be careful!!

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how does that help? the image and the thought of it makes me really worried

yes of course you are right, please be careful when you are putting grapes up your nose!

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you smell cold grape vapour and it’s very refreshing. then you can eat them

going to give it a miss, but thanks for reaching out


look after yourself

If you’re drinking white wine and it gets too warm, using two grapes from the fridge (or even the freezer!) cools it down nicely.

But don’t use the ones you’ve previously stuck up your nose.


oh that’s a cool idea

here’s a tip

a tip

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