Here's a wednesday thread

even though it’s still Tuesday where I am for another couple of hours. Soz.

Hullo from the Alaskan frontier. I came here for cold, snow and mountains but it’s been 30 degrees all week while I’ve been working 14 hour days in direct sunlight. Grim. Currently tally is seen 1 bear, 1 moose and several ptarmigan(s). It’s supposed to be a bit cooler tomorrow and good lord I hope it is. Think I even saw a few raindrops earlier.

I do hope this thread finds you well. Ta-ta for now.

Sup with all yous lot?


Morning all and eric!

I was just wondering whether you were in Alaska yesterday.

I went to bed at 9.00 last night. I didn’t sleep through by any stretch but I don’t feel like I’ve had extra sleep.

No plans today other than listening to the Music League playlist and finishing my writing project.

So yeah, eldest has picked rona up from me. I think. So that’s a development. But apart from a nagging tickle of a cough occasionally, I seem to be fine :person_shrugging:. Time to figure out childcare for the end of the week.

Nothing nice in the house and I’m starting to get cabin fever

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Sorry to hear man, that’s rough.

How’s the food there Eric?

Average and extremely overpriced. Some nice Halibut knocking about though and salmon season is just starting here. Had some good sockeye so far. Look at these weirdos:

Looks made up.


Fucking bonkers :smiley:

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Cheers man. It’ll be fine, just frustrating and annoying.

How is Northern Exposure (Eric’s Trip) working out?

Fairly poor night’s sleep… Two nightmares and woke up about twenty minutes ago feeling largely unrested.


Alaska is beautiful but the job is completely awful, so i can relate to Joel’s life of indentured servitude. :eyes:


Shit sleep for me last night.

Looks like it’s going to be rain on and off all day. Might take the dog for a quick spin and then lie on the sofa for the rest of the day.

Irked at how shit the weather is this week when I’m back to work forever from next week.

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Glad Alaska is cool, soz about the work though.

I’ve got new knickers on and they’ve gone right up my bum. I’ve also got a new cardigan on which my husband said “are you going to play cricket?”. This follows on from a vest I bought with shoulder pads in which he said “are you going to play American football?” And a small lime green bucket bag to which he said “are you going rock climbing?” cause it does look like a little chalk bag tbf.
Give me a break man I’m trying to explore fashun!!


Are you going to do sumo wrestling?


Good morning! And for the international babes of dis

Can’t wait for this afternoon when my behavioural school groups have stopped yawning at me or causing mischief and i have a few free hours to clean the flat (actually going to write instead, what a scamp)

I’d prefer beach volleyball but I’ll take it

When is meowingtony joining the Annoying Your Partner thread?

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How should I have my morning eggs (x2)

  • Poached
  • Scrambled
  • Fried
  • Boiled

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Really poor nights sleep too but due to next doors kid being a cunt.

Can’t wait to move

Soft boiled + toast soldiers


Just waking up as I was up til 1:30 working on this essay, which is incredibly late for me, a person who likes to be asleep by 11pm.

Gotta brew up a big coffee!!