Here's how petty I am

Flatmates have never bought washing up liquid and we ran out on Monday. I bought some on Monday and I take it back to my bedroom after each use so no one else can use it. No one’s bought any yet.


They don’t know that I’ve bought some

My friends housemate does this with the bath matt


They must be incredibly strong, and don’t call me Matt.


oh yeah, alright,

take it easy baby,

make it last all night

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Yeah the version I refrained from posting was ‘How did they manage to transport the bath so easily to and from the bathroom each time? And don’t call me Matt’

mate, they know


They have probably noticed that you are able to do your washing up, despite there being no communal washing up liquid

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I fully endorse this behaviour and there is nothing petty about it. I hid the cooking oil once as it was always me buying it but this resulted in a dramatic increase in the smoke alarm going off so had to put it back. Fucking housemates.


I’ve also stopped taking the cardboard bog roll tubes to the bin as it was only me doing that, and there are now 9 on the floor in the toilet

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joke’s on you, they’ve been doing the same for months



Don’t think anything could get me to live with someone I’m not either boning or parenting ever again tbh


Does this mean that they aren’t doing any washing up at all? If so be careful that your plan doesn’t backfire and you end up with mice!

Housemates are terrible though. Second year students being the most grim.




Was this in Scotland? It probably rained before he had a chance.

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I’m with you mate. Some people in shared houses do not seem to give one single fuck and frankly I’m surprised that some of them don’t die in their sleep from not being arsed to keep taking breaths.

Currently or previously I have had to keep in my room

  • toilet paper
  • shower gel
  • tea towels
  • washing machine liquid.

People need to be taught a fucking lesson

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It’s not a sociable flat. None of us talk to one another and nobody goes in the kitchen if someone else is in there.