Here's my joke


A Mancunian couple are looking at a takeaway menu on Just Eat when their young daughter comes downstairs (she’s supposed to be asleep) and says she’s cold. The mum takes her back upstairs and gets a duvet for her from the airing cupboard with a higher tog rating, tucks her in all snug and comes back downstairs.

“Shawarma?” says her husband.
“Yeah, I swapped her duvet for a thicker one.”


Javier Bardem?


so the giant replies ’ someone stole my watch’


That reminded me of this site, which is REALLY scraping the barrel at this point…


it was an iron bar


I love that website


It’s good but it’s not right.


this gag has just totally flayed me alive:
I’m going to hike around the mountains of Sardinia next summer. I’d particularly enjoy seeing the village famous for it’s murals and science fair. Not sure whether I should travel with a group…
Exactly, the others might not enjoy it.