Here's Ofcom's list of swearwords


Probably not going to go well on a Friday night but here I am, posting it anyway

Pretty funny with the srsbsnss captions and that.

Link contest

This has done me and I’ve only read a few lines of the list.

I love how it’s an official document.


I know man, pure good fun


:joy: got as far as beaver :joy:


bloodclaat?? Never heard of that


Is fanny such a strong word… :confused:


Bum Boy.

Oh man, this is cracking me up. Why is it so funny, @andyvine WHY???


Wtf is an Iberian slap…?
Is this something Chris Morris/Armando ianucci has written?


I just googled it, it’s slapping your arm with a fist up I think.

Also, ‘honky’ is classed as strong language. I wouldn’t really give a shit if someone called me a honky. Is it worse depending on where you live maybe? Where does it even come from?


Just read these out to the thinly veiled in a posh RP woman’s voice. Actual tears. I was already struggling by “beef curtains”.


Really good stuff


Oooh I know the one


Ginger :smiley:


This still has me in tears:


Oh man!






Means gay, right?


‘fucking old person’.


Yeah, I think it’s FOP rather than fop (dandy) or Fopp (record store).