Here's something you can all pretend to be outraged at

  • I’m genuinely outraged
  • I’m performatively outraged
  • I like it
  • I have no real opinion on that
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That is gonna curdle like a motherfucker

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Bet it’s cold filtered too, love it.

can’t imagine that being anything other than disgusting


Yeah I’m imagining it and it’s knocking me sick

Mmm… Black Velvet…

Alright Alannah Myles


Would rather have a drink* with the person who ordered that than any of the unwritten rules of the pub bores who reckon everyone but them is somehow not being in the pub correctly.

*a different drink obviously, I bet that’s vile.

  • I’m outraged because I like there to be rules imposed on how other people enjoy things
  • I’m outraged because it sounds disgusting
  • Not outraged, love polls
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Order 2 halves and do your filthy alchemy in private.


Good luck getting the police to do anything these days! Honestly, it beggars belief

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Not outraged, but genuinely believe it would taste like cold fizzy sick.


here’s a question

how much of places like casualuk is just people posting fake shite they made up for likes.

I don’t know how to answer this as it’s not in poll form.

I don’t like mixing anything with anything.

Just ordered one

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Stick some blackcurrant cordial in it and we’ll talk