Here's Sunday

Yo. You know the drill.

Gonna piss it down all day here, but I’ve got work to do so that’s alright. Some sweet European footers later at least. Gotta think of something tasty for gnomeys teatime thread too.

Have a good one :kissing_heart:


Anglos a Sunday

My brain has already had enough today, stupid brain.

Not much going on for me until tonight with the long-awaited @whiterussian edition of Film Club and also trying to sort out the admin for the DiS avatars tournament.


Morning Tuna et al!

We’re driving back to Glasgow this morning so it’s unlikely I’ll have much good hashtag sundaydinner content. I can’t wait to be back in my own house.

Morning. Been in work since 7.45, there’s nobody else here yet so a perfect opportunity to get some serious work done. Or, if you’re me, record a video tour of the shop to post on DiS later.


Morning friends

Had a lovely night hanging with my atds

I’m staying at my friend’s for a few days, she’s up in Scotland so gave me her key so I could have the place to myself. Got back to hers at 1am and somehow I couldn’t open the door. Worried I’ve managed to deadlock it or something. All of my stuff is in there. Going back in the next hour and hoping it’s somehow easier to open in the light of day. Maybe there’s a knack to it. Or maybe I’m gonna have to get the locksmith out :cry:

Luckily some of my friends were still awake so I’ve woken up on their sofa and my good friend Clyde is here


Anglos a Sunday, dis.

Just watered my plants. Venus fly traps are great at regenerating btw. Forgot to water for a few days and it basically died. But I cut off all the dead arms and its completely recovered!

God almighty I’m posting about plants at 9am on a Sunday morning. This is what happens when you turn down an invite to Soho last night.

No plans for today. Probably for the best.

Have good ones x

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alright tuna, dis

shakshouka i think


What’s that?

eggs poached in a tomato sauce kinda thing



Nice. I’ll have some of that.


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Been at work since 7.30, already carried about some heavy people management. This is a good day :joy:

That looks fucking great ma man :+1:

Off to the ol parents

Kedgeree for brunch then off to mum and dads for dinner, via town to return some stuff. That is all.

Watched Hereditary last night. Disappointing but some nice flourishes, 3/5

mine won’t be quite as photogenic, sure it’ll be just as tasty though :smiley:

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My wife’s dog back in Canada, one of the greats boys of all time, Mr Benson, was sadly put to sleep on Friday after 14 grand years. It has really been shit not being able to have been back there and considering we definitely would have been there this summer if Rona hadn’t came along is a hard pill to swallow.

He was the best boy.

On Friday I started feeling a bit shitty and kinda sick. Yesterday it turned in full blown fever, aches, snotty nose and later, a rough as fuck cough.

So going for an old COVID19 test later. Brilliant. The kids have been a bit sick but cleared up in like 12 hours but it’s fucking clotheslined me!

Morning. Last day of holiday, just polished off a hotel breakfast. Kids want to get in on the disc golf action so going to take them down in a bit, then some football and crazy golf before heading home.

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Having porridge, gonna go bike


Morning! Hey @Tuna and other lovelies.

Omelette and marmite toast for breakfast. plans today.

Watched start of last season of the Rain lat night so likely to say Rasmmmuuuss a lot.


Morning team.
Was up early to finish my book, really enjoyed it. Having a coffee and starting my next book now. Think that’s all I plan on doing today, curling up under blankets and reading.
Been sent a video of my godson, the kitten, climbing a tree. Tenner says the tiny idiot gets stuck.
Can hear the fire alarm in the communal hallway chirping to say the battery has run out, which is great news because it’s so high up that you need a ladder to put a new one in. I do not own a ladder. I hope one of my neighbours owns a ladder, and can also hear it, and rectifies this cheeping.
Food shop coming later, gonna attempt to make my own sushi which is exciting. In what way will it go horrifically wrong? Stay tuned!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone x