Here's Sunday

I would like more information about that kneeler, chair, whatever there. Preferably with a picture of you on it.

Also Clyde looks :heart::heart:

My dough stuck to the basket. Attempted a rescue but not optimistic. SUNDAY RUINED

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Have been up for hours already but there is still so much day left :sob:

Anglos all. Playing FOOTGOLF this morning with the #lads then going for a coffee followed by a pub late lunch :+1:

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Lot of golf-based activity going on today

  • Footgolf
  • Disc golf
  • Crazy golf
  • Golf
  • No golf at all

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Is this what we wish we were doing or what we are actually doing?

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Dunno. Didn’t think that far ahead. Which is best I guess.

You don’t need as much rice as you think.


Ooh okay, will keep that in mind. Thank you! :blush:

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Morning all! Stayed in and watched The Godfather last night, was great (obvs) but I’m starting to think I need to find some new pals in this city, really wanted to go out and socialise.

Today I’ve gotta finish some reading for work, think i’ll go to a cafe and do it this afternoon, can at least feel a bit more social.

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nice, get them hooked early

I watched The Godfather last night too! Hadn’t seen it before. It was bloody brilliant.


The power button no longer works on my Kindle. If I plug it into my laptop it turns on as normal and everything else works as expected. But then I can’t even turn it off, pressing the button does nothing. The button is completely defunct. What the fuck has happened.

I’ve only had the fucking thing for a couple of months.

Nice! Might watch Part 2 tonight


Needs to be multiple choice

  • disc golf
  • crazy golf

Will be well annoyed if they turn out to be better than me

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I think it’s part of their sex furniture

Clyde is a top lad.

I just got into my friends house, turns out there’s a knack to the key. THANK THE LORD

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Good morning

Look at our adorable chubby faces

This picture was taken when we were on holiday with some friends in the Lake District. Every year we get reminded of this lovely trip and every year I get taken the piss out of for crying upon arrival, when I discovered the beds at our hostel accommodation were bunk beds. I had requested a private double room and was very disappointed.

  • It’s a hostel! You should have expected bunk beds
  • Fair enough mate, I like having sex with my partner on holiday too

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Banging in bunk beds sounds like an exotic holiday activity tbf


Tbf we had some fun :smirk:
Can be quite creative with bunk beds :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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