Here's the evening thread (Weds)


Gonna get some takeaway ain’t I.

@ericV the best supposed best chinese round here is shut for refurb… so that may be out. Really want a pizza but flatmate went for pizza last night.

Need to iron a shirt as need to wear a suit.

Slowly making some cold brew for the morning.


evening! having some escalopes for tea. work got cancelled for the rest of the week so might watch some movies or something tonight, might watch DB’s film club choice. weirdly feels like a thursday today.


Meeting my sis for a wee drink and then up the road for some food.


Oddly I started typing Thursday. Spooky eh. Weird wednesday.

Pretty bored.


I’m only just on the tram home after being stuck on calls for 2 hours.

Good news is that prior to the calls I actually got my head down and went through a piece of work I’ve been dreading and actually I don’t think it’s that bad at all. Hoorah!

Going to the pub now. Also it’s my Thursday as Friday is a public holiday here. Double hoorah!


All kicking off in the Scottish beer world


Whats on the menu?


Some Malaysian chicken thing, tv found he recipe and wants to give it a spin.
I’ll let you know how it goes :+1:


brewdog are such twats, man.


Shit beer for shit cunts :wink:


I’m on the bus. On my way to play some football. Number of goals likely to be scored by me: zero

No food in the house when I get back. Might get a bag of chips or something


But enough about Tennants lager a hahaha.


Evening beautiful people. Today has been a smasher. Went with Mrs FunkH to her masters interview which went unbelievably well and ended with her being accepted on the spot. Came home via M&S and had beer and ale burgers for celebration lunch, followed by some spiced caramel chocolate tart thing. Watched The Blues Brothers this afternoon, and Groundhog Day shortly, after I’ve gone out to buy beers. Who needs a job.


What ales you got?

I’ve got a cold brew coffee imperial stout in the fridge. Which hopefully will be my ticket back to normality.


Still a bit peeved about getting charged a fiver for a can of Elvis juice last time I went in.


this guy is my guy


Tennants is actually disgusting though.


None yet, I’m about to go out to probably Aldi and get something cheap yet tasty, what with being unemployed and all.


eh, it’s just like Carling or something innit? difficult to stretch to an opinion.


went for a run (5k) with my office mate who does marathons in his sleep. could have gone worse. now to cycle home. :grimacing: