Here's the Friday evening thread!


My wisdom teeth are being a PITM, R is sick and moody, and I have pissed off all my family so it is horrible and tense here.

Please distract me DiS, and regale me with tales of your days and evenings ahead, interspersed with lively conversation if you will.



hi fl :wave:

had an emergency dentist appointment today, which involved having an injection in my mouth, which is not ideal because i’m quite needlephobic.

anyway, i was a very brave boy but i didn’t get a sticker which is a fucking outrage imho.


Hey FL, sorry to hear your wisdom teeth are still giving you jip.

Nice early finish. Met a brewery dog and then met my partner and baby in town for a coffee and mooch. Cooking a curry and having some beerz tonight.


I’m on a city hopper to London City, delayed. Always delayed.

Had a McDonald’s for dinner though :smiley:

Also this might be the second last time I use Schiphol which is a weird thought.


I reckon if they gave stickers to adults I might actually go to the dentist


Meeting an old pal from college visiting from the north, our lives have taken quite different paths and we have nothing in common, basically spending an evening with superhans


What kind of curry?


My 20th hour of coach draws to a close. Lewisham, I think this is. The finish line is within sight.


Gonna be so good to brush my teeth


I’m in Kinlochleven staying in a little cabin on a campsite overlooking some misty hilltops, the first stop-off on a week of adventuring around the Highlands. Heading to the campsite bar for food and drinks shortly, very excited. Hope there’s a dog.


Got back into doing some music-making stuff today. Don’t know if what I did was any good, but had a lot of fun using weird tunings to create interesting layers of droning, so that’s probably more important than anything else tbh


a picture of a tooth with a mortar board and glasses labelled “my wisdom tooth” would be aces malases


Chippy tea, chippy tea
Get in my tum
Sausage in batter
Gonne be yum
Eat all my chippies and get me some bread
Balance a can of coke on top of my head.


kind of imagine your old housemate to be a superhans sort of character


Pizza consumed. Had to put heating on in the flat today, feel like I might be getting a cough or something. Bought some real nice woolly socks today though as well as some other cool stuff. And I’m about to eat some Toblerone from the airport.


Pizza eaten, watched the last episode of Altered Carbon after something like six months, now not sure what to do with myself.


fucking pizza people


A chicken and veg dopiaza, with sag aloo and sweet potato bhajis and garlic and coriander naan


I resent this. I have never, EVER fucked a pizza.

cwbaft tho tbhtbf


He wasn’t that superhansesque, more of a psued who mentioned ‘sjws’ in every conversation, gonna start the process of taking him to court next week