Here's the Thursday night thread

We had risotto for dinner. HBU?

I need to sort out my quiz questions for the weekend, so I might do that later. Perhaps a tasty beer too, if my beer delivery ever arrived.

Second of two consecutive night shifts for me tonight :slightly_frowning_face:

Having pizza quesadillas for dinner #fusion

Boss asked me to take on another project today and I said I didn’t think I would cope and their answer was a polite ‘tough’ :frowning:

Everyone seems to be finishing up for Christmas tomorrow and I’m working till the 23rd like a numpty

I’ll be working up until about 3pm on Christmas eve


I’ve a night shift on Christmas Eve. No fun.

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Very unlucky

I did get asked to work until 7pm. I firmly explained that that wouldn’t go down too well at home, and perhaps one of the team who doesn’t have young children at home ought to be covering that shift.

Alright? Steak and chips and that for tea. Back to work tomorrow and I’m really really unhappy about it.

I’ve got a beef casserole in the slow cooker. Need to add the dumpings in a bit.

I’m working to 8 tonight, well mainly manning the out of hours help desk. There are rarely calls but roll on 8.

Sweet potato and chorizo quesadillas were surprisingly great. Waiting for my wife to come home. Not till the wee man’s bedtime rigmarole- he’s actually not been too bad the last few nights so hoping it’s a good smooth bedtime transition and that he sleeps all night.

Tempted to crack a wee beer.

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Gousto recipe if ever I saw one

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Got online Christmas drinks tonight

Contemplating making mozarella sticks, I have all the ingredients, and can make a spicy tomato dip for them too. Actually now I’ve written this out I’m going to do it :drooling_face:


Veggie haggis, a mountain of mash, gravy, and a side of, erm, spring rolls.

Masterchef final and Taskmaster.

The occasional sniff of a dog.


Good news - my beer has arrived!


Ouch. Anyone want some snow?


Working up until the end of Xmas eve. Three 24hr on-call shifts next week because literally everyone else is on leave. Can’t wait!

I do but today was 11 degrees and sunny so want that too. Wish warm snow was a thing

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I have tonsillitis :cry: been ill for a few days but was hoping it would go away. Got antibiotics from the docs but gonna wait til tomorrow to see if I can kick it without that as I don’t wanna be taking them for 10 days.

It’s shit but at least it’s not covid (99% sure it’s not as I’ve had this illness a million times before) and I’m just extremely run down.

Pizza and 90 day fiancé tonight.