Here's to Tunnock's Caramel Wafers



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Just not as good versions of Taxis


If only we could ^this the OP




I almost bought a 4 pack about 15 minutes ago. Was LITERALLY this close to doing so,

But yes, Tunnock’s. Probably the only manufacturer who I salute 100% of the product line.


Fucking hell Ant, first the homepride pasta bake confession, now this nonsense.


You are my favourite new poster.


See that little layer of chocolate in the middle there? That’s what sets them apart and you’re a fucking deluded lunatic (or a dangerously nationalistic Scotsperson) if you disagree.


You’re completely out of your element here you McVitie’s prick.

Cafe bans children under 5. Anyone care?

my housemate calls tunnock’s tea cakes ‘chocolate mosques’.


“Got something that is exactly like a Taxi bar but with less chocolate and it’s also gone a bit stale?”
“Yes mate, Tunnocks Caramel Wafers, in the biscuit aisle”


A few "Alright, Trump"s should clear that up.


Tunnocks are a bit shit really.


Consider me irked sunshine.


Haha!! Honestly I actually friggin’ LOVE Taxi bars, that chocolatey bit is amazing, but I’ve got a soft spot for thee ol’ Tunnocks because my Dad loves them. My first boyfriend came from Uddingston (where the factory is) and when he first met my Dad he brought him a massive box of the wafers. ALTOGETHER NOW… awwwwwwww.


got a lot of time for a tunnock’s caramel log too



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Totally fair enough, nostalgic/sentimental reasons for loving them? Lovely, genuinely very touching. You’ll admit that they are an inferior product to the Taxi on an objective level though, yes?


Nah mate, I’d say they’re level. Oh and I love the staleness.


here’s to ovaltine