Herfamiliar - Herfamiliar [Alt Rock]

Rock out with HerFamiliar this summer

HerFamiliar is an independent Rock band from Cleveland Ohio, and who have already began to revive rock music without the initial support of a record label. Beginnig the story on May 15th, 2021 with the release of their self titled debut project; HerFamiliar. Nothing short of perfect timing, we’re gifted with 9 hit songs compiled into the perfect album just in time for summer. HerFamiliar can be described as true Alternative rock musicians, ready to leave a mark on the map. Without further delay, Enjoy the album

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What are the haircuts like?

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9 hit songs Jeremy? That’s insane!

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Dope Plug Dope Plugs!

Was just thinking about how it was time rock music got revived again. But then didn’t Black Country Museum revive it already this year? I’m use someone has anyway. Maybe these should hold off a bit.

Good luck anyway!

Hair: Familiar

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Are you Shpongled?