Hermano's shoes


hyg’s baseball cap/red trousers
xylo’s trilby/waistcoat
Theo’s fleece
My wire t-shirt (doesn’t really count)
Theo/Hatfood’s wedding jumpers

Any additions to the DiS wardrobe?


PN’s vans (trainers)


Your Wire t-shirt certainly does count champ.


my technical jacket


Who was nu-metal shorts?


I started a thread remensicing about them and hunting for a picture but I don’t think anyone (admitted) wore them.



is vegetarian shoes my thing now?


You have to wear one of those out. Which do you go with?


No, nobody cares about your shoes.


Lucien’s cowboy boots


Abandon Reply mate. I very rarely wear white t-shirts for fear of visible nipples.


cmon lads, Brainlove’s pumps


it’s no wonder he doesn’t show his face much around here


Just want to point out I would never wear a cap with the red trousers.


Yeah, too much cattle to rustle.


Balonz’s dressing gown


I would like to point out that I do not/have never owned one


wishpig’s crew(neck)


Got my eye on some new ones, maybe these?

I really want the pizza slip ons but can’t find them anywhere now and I missed my chance when they were cheap :anguished: