He's back - first time on the new boards


Chlorinated Chicken



As it has been so long I am not going to close the blinds. I will let him have his full 30 minutes looking straight at me.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but you’re a fucking class act pal


The fuck’s happened to his bonnet


Too much seagulling? It’s on the roof too.


He needs coffee and doughnuts


He turns up with a mug of drink, no snacks though as far as I am aware.


You should take him some. Introduce yourself.


Oh we know each other… well enough to say hello in passing.


Can you ask him why his car is peeling?


No I cannot.

It’s from 1992 so that may be a factor.


What’s the story here?

You like taking pictures of people through blinds?



haha!!! Brilliant.


Can you get hold of a polarising filter to take this pic through so we can see his face?


Pretty much, yes.


Hang on. Didn’t you get promoted recently? I don’t think a promotion really counts unless you get to change desks.


And move up floors. Can’t be getting promoted and staying on the ground floor.


Genuinely chilling^