He's tall


6 foot 4. That’s tall.


What’s officially tall?

I’m 6ft 1 and feel quite short.

I’ll say 6ft 3 is officially tall.


Yeah, I’d go along with that. 6 foot 1 ain’t short mind.


he’s red
his feet stick out the bed


Tall is in the eye of the beholder.


Did you see his documentary about being recorded wanking on Skype?


My mother-in-law once said “McGarnagle and (family member) will get along because they’re both tall.”


Aye he’s tall


Yeah, that guy is tall


That’s pretty short imo


What a sentence!


I am tall. Pointing out I am tall is my kryptonite, I lap that shit up.


Wait, doesn’t Superman hate kryptonite?


I’m so tired.


roasty is lex luthor in this scenario


I hope the day passes quickly for you so you can get in and put your feet up (as long as you like putting your feet up that is, put your feet wherever you want mate)


I don’t know that much about Lex Luthor


Wonder what the weather’s like up there hahaha


I was going to say when I randomly saw you the other week “You’re a lot taller than you look in your photos!”


5’10-6’2 : Average
6’3" and above : Tall

One of my team is 6’7" and I feel so tiny next to him