Heston Blumenthal (not dead).

But an even bigger arsehole than I thought.


He says female chefs find it difficult to ‘lift heavy pots and pans’ after having kids

Because frequently hauling about a couple of stone of toddler makes you ever so weak, how could you ever lift that pan of sauce or whatever.


Bet he hasn’t lifted a pan in fucking years.


Don’t really know many women but I bet they can lift things

Also, mad how chefs are famous isn’t it? It’s just food, not that hard


“You only managed to carry and bear a child, nurture them with the power of your own body, deal with unimaginable pain and constant doing-downs from society, work, study, thrive - how could you possibly make a passable creme anglaise? No, this is man’s work, for men.”


Always seem on the verge of snapping too.

Relax lads, you’re just knocking up a bit of dinner.


He just wazzes about with foams and aspirated bone marrow and shit, he’s a tanktop

Love how even if heavy pans were, ironically, keeping women out of the kitchen, it apparently doesn’t occur to him that pans come in more than one size

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In terms of impressiveness

Leftists > artists > scientists > footballers > chefs > actors

stick artists in the bin with actors and we have a deal.

I can live with that


Definitely stronger now after having a kid than when I was a wispy 20yo doing kitchen training.

Ridiculous to say something so backwards like it is a matter of biology rather than ingrained societal inequalities and sexism is to blame.


I think being a chef and a parent of any gender would be hellish. Long hours, split shifts, mediocre pay. I love cooking but I’d hate to be a chef.

Blumenthal is obviously an arse though. Seems to be the sort of age where previously respected people start getting caught out for their crap views. (See also Graham Linehan who is 51. There must be more)


Reckon he’s just a moderately intelligent man used to impressing people who got carried away and thought he was making an insightful point, unaware of his sexism and stupidity. He did go on to say that men can’t handle women sticking up for themselves

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The strongest chef I ever met in nearly a decade of restaurant work was a woman. She could have knocked shit out of any of the lads in the kitchen, and was also a fucking amazing pastry chef. He speaks like someone who hasn’t actually been in any kitchens but is just making shit up from his armchair.

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Sounds like he’s tried to be feminist but it went wrong imo

The molecular gastronomer

He’s definitely told them to call him that.

I don’t know why I’m engaging with it, but it’s just not true is it.

Think of eg the Downton Abbey style kitchens where all the cooks and assistants were female and they’d lug massive cauldrons of shite around to feed the toffs.

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His head looks like a pan