Hey baby

I never start threads and this is probably somewhere else on the boards but sometimes you really need to focus on the good and this video is so goddam heart-warming i couldn’t help it. In the sea of shit which is the world right now, seeing babies being saved is just what we need

(Please no one drag up a tweet the baby wrote last month revealing they were a nazi or something)


Ah I read about this yesterday but hadn’t seen the video.

Really so amazing, like the blankets wrapped around them obviously helped hugely but when you see how much one of them is wrapped up it’s also amazing he didn’t suffocate. Lots of good luck, quick thinking from the grandma and quick response time working in harmony there :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:

This has done me though


Still have nightmares about a film I accidentally watched when I was a kid about a baby who got stuck down a well of some sort in a back garden, guessing in America.

Google says it was probably this:

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