Hey dis tell me something you are shit at

The whole driving and job thing makes me feel like such a failure but there must be something you are bad at?

Make me feel less terrible please? x

Most things. I’m good at my job but not good at concentrating on my job. I’m good at being a dad (I think).

I’m bad at most other things:

  • organisation
  • concentrating
  • reading

reading as in you get impatient or you are dyslexic?

I don’t have the attention span for books but I don’t think I have a condition there per se.

also thanks for your honesty :slight_smile:

Anything artistic - drawing, making music, creative writing
Telling left from right without holding up my hands to make an L shape with my left thumb and index finger

Staying motivated.

I am terrible at all sports. All of them. No exceptions.


I have this weird thing where sometimes I will say “right” when I mean left, it’s not so much that I confuse them but the wrong word comes out

what about tennis?


I am really bad at the following:

  • Handwriting
  • Anything fiddly that involves good motor skills
  • Leading conversations as opposed to responding
  • Football
  • Doing literally anything at all in front of people I haven’t known for at least 12-15 years

Losing weight
Making friends
Maintaining (platonic) relationships
Being selfless
General people skills
Spatial awareness

Even tennis. I have no hand eye co-ordination.

You’re quite good at football Ant

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Doing make up & plaiting hair

Can’t do it

I’m a pretty crap swimmer too

ah cool I’m good at something then, I love performing in front of people I don’t know, it’s much harder if it’s close friends/family. I miss playing music live

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Thanks for saying that Aggsy but for somebody who has played fairly regularly for the vast majority of my life I am not good at it.

Drawing and all things drawing-related. Not even in a creative sense, just all acts that involve trying to draw a thing and having it look even remotely like the thing.

I’m somewhat impatient but honestly, I’m just not a massively fast reader. Never have been. That means I can find bigger, wordier books a bit daunting.

Like Red Mars I’m reading now and it’s huge (on Kindle but you can still tell) and the guy’s vocabulary is fierce so it means I can sometimes read a screen of text 2 or 3 times because it’s dense with ideas.

I want to read more but I’m not great at it.

I’m decent at guitar. I wouldn’t say I was shit but I’m a long way off being more than okay, particularly as I’ve not played in a band now for 8 years.

just too damn sexy