Hey dis tell me something you are shit at

Comforting people in distress

You’re a fucking talented dude Bammers, if your recorded output is anything to go by I’d imagine you’re a great live performer as well.


Saving money/not spending money
Losing weight

good with music and computers? you are a rare breed!

i’m terrible at saying I can’t be somewhere. Like, if I get invited to a do or a wedding or something I know I definitely can’t go to, I find it easier to just say “yeah see you there” and then just not go because I’m busy and feel awful all day for it.

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I did a minibus driving test at uni and twice I went right when the tester told me to go left. Still passed, but I think he thought I was a stupid person after that.

The speed at which people have posted in this thread should tell you that we’re all shit at something so hope that makes you feel better x


given your MOTM performance at my last reds vs. blues game that’s a massive diss to the rest of the boards


Social interaction
Saving money
Not getting dumped
Finishing things I’ve started
Playing in midfield
Remembering people’s names
Being a

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Or you might have got a lot shitter in the last couple of years,

Much like [insert formerly promising manchester united youngster’s name]!!!

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anyone else really crap at cooking?

working in starbucks?

finishing creative projects

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All of these apply to me as well

Go out of my way all the time, I’m a pushover sometimes. I wouldn’t/don’t consider it a bad thing though.




I ain’t got much

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japes you are the best at DiS

  • not procrastinating
  • sleeping
  • singing (this is the one that pains me the most, tbh)

I am shit at concentrating. I always get sidetrIT’SNEARLY 5 O’CLOCK.

In all seriousness concentrating. Spending far too much time on this forum at the moment. Also willpower when it comes to eating properly. Fucking vending machine.