Hey DiS, what's YOUR love language?

Please feel free to talk about anything lovely in here as today is now the UEFA EURO DAY OF LOVE.

Kept hearing people on podcasts banging on about love language and I dismissed it for as long as possible until I caved and did a quiz

I need words of affirmation. Which I guess I never really acknowledged before but is 100% true and it’s actually been quite helpful to distil what I need down to this as before I would say I just want romance or something more annoyingly broad idk, but actually I want someone to just say you’re great.

Hey DiS, you’re great

  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Physical touch
  • Acts of service
  • Receiving gifts

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Oh do I have to pick one?

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I’ll put you down for physical touch then

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Mrs HYG once put me through this questionnaire without telling me what it was, ended up that I too, am a words of affirmation person, which does make sense, I crave praise.

Mrs HYG’s language is gift giving, very convenient.


I’ll check my diary


probs words of affirmation and physical touch. did the test before and that’s what i got

kind of think it varies depending on who we’re with though? like we tend to crave what we’re most deprived of


Yeah I’m definitely more touch orientated now I think. Though I’m needy so also words of affirmation are good.

Never been that bothered about gifts unless it’s something someone has personally made


Yes to an extent - like if no one ever touched me that would be weird and I’d want more of it but I think overall words will always come out on top for me even if I was with someone who was good at that.

Although, it’s hard to say as I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a relationship with anyone who was good at telling me nice things.

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I do need lots of words of affirmation at work. Completely different context, though. Also my primary love language preference isn’t exactly workplace appropriate, despite what a lot of walking mid-life crises I’ve worked with in the past might think.

Hello Phil Collins!

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Words of affirmation and physical touch for me

Could really go for some words of affirmation right now to be honest

I’m words of affirmation I think. My wife is gifts which is sometimes a bit hard because I’m not the best at gifts and things

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I don’t think the singles quiz realises just how single I am

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Quality time and words of affirmation apparently, though the context of being in a long relationship with its own patterns makes it hard for me to think of what I like versus what I have, if that makes sense

You’re very handsome, sexy, funny and kind

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The quiz went on for a good while and it felt like the same questions were just being asked over and over.
Quality time and physical touch were the two highest scoring areas (basically a draw).

Making coleslaw
Making cheese on toast
Making Lemsips (secret ingredient: orange squash)

Got bored halfway through and gave up - an appropriate metaphor

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