Hey DiS, what's YOUR love language?

In keeping with the football theme:
Pele does ads for a product that might help you out :wink::+1::soccer:

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Going to assume these are all euphemisms

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I ended up with quality time, which kind of scans. I’m the sort of person who always kiiind of enjoys the boring part of a day out with friends, like being stuck in a traffic jam or whatever

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Quality time. I’m bad at using words and bad at interpreting them. I like just being around someone, content in the understanding that there’s mutual enjoyment.

Did the quiz and it rated quality time over physical touch

If the questions were more explicitly about actual sex rather than just touches on the arm and stuff that would not have been the case :grinning:

Thank you :grinning:

Your love language is: A rammin’ and a jammin’

Prince is on the radio, I blame him for this post

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Rammin and a jammin whilst my partner showers me with compliments

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Solid evening tbh


Acts of service. Do stuff for me pls.



Words of affirmation. And I’m very needy about it.

Acts of service is mine by some distance, followed by quality time.

I think I feel very overwhelmed and have a core belief that I shouldn’t need help so when someone shows that they’ve understood, anticipated and completed what needs to be done, it feels very meaningful.


wasn’t sure how to answer some of them. like hanging out vs getting complimented?

just hanging out is probably more appealing but getting complimented is more meaningful since it happens like once every ten years or so

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i found the questions around gift receiving a bit awkward, personally.


Usually it’s a mix in reality.
I like to hang out, compliment and have some physical touch in the same scenario.
Love multilingual!


There should be a “what’s YOUR annoyance language?”

For me it’s being interrupted from what I’m doing to be asked for help with a minor thing that would be just as easily accomplished by one person and that I routinely do as a one person task. Feels like when a pet deliberately gets in your way for attention.

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wasn’t sure about those ones either. ‘i like when they help out with projects’

projects? are we building a shed? what projects is everyone doing? i’ll cook the dinner. is that a project?


The person interrupting you must have have acts of service in their love language

I am not that cunning a linguist

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