Hey DiS, what's YOUR love language?

Making Mrs F an unsolicited pot of tea is an absolute guaranteed hit whenever I can be arsed. There is literally no time she won’t want one.


Same, often pass my mug back for more tea making whilst still warm from the last.

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Really needs an ‘Extract to Excel’ feature.

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physical touch (33) > quality time (30) > affirmation (23) > service (13) > gifts (0)

interestingly, i almost never want physical contact with a person unless we’re intimate with one another. it’s like it’s something special, almost sacred to me. either that or i’m an awkward bastard :laughing:

i couldn’t get up off the sofa for a wee without my late wife saying teeeea? in a plaintive voice, so unsolicited offers to make a pot or simply bringing one unprompted was definitely the route to her heart :smiley:


Does anyone else find it almost impossible to say which is more important?

I find that each of these languages are at times very important to me, and depending on the context there are situations when each would feel most important.


Yeah it’s a very blunt instrument - but it’s definitely useful to think about nonetheless I think

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Interesting timing that I made this and now am having a minor crisis about the TV not saying enough nice things to me the last few days. Really annoying myself that it’s bothered me so much :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Major ^this

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As expected I’m all about physical touch. I’m basically Velcro.

Turns out my love language is quiz is never going to end close tab


Words of Affirmation

I don’t know, really

it’s hard to think about this because of how I’ve been hurt by people I loved. it’s like fond places in my memory are up in flames or have burned down.

I have felt love most keenly when somebody has been happy to open up to me, or to let me open up to them, whether this is about good or bad things

the feeling when you and the other seem to be less apart, when the defences fall

to trust and to be trusted. to feel needed, wanted, truly

everything else is an extention of this

when they reach out; when they want to talk, when they want to see you and try to arrange something

when this results in you moving towards each other, to be close, to embrace

when they do or say something nice without being prompted

got more to write, but I think I need to stop because this is really upsetting

when it isn’t just words. when they make plans to see you and follow through with it.

so many words meant so much to me, only to end up hollow, something I clung to as the feeling behind them disappeared

it’s nice when someone asks if you’d like a cup of tea

Not to be reductive but this really made think of that “the rewards of being loved…the mortifying ordeal of being known” meme.

how do you mean?

I know the quote, but not that it got memed

Mine are quality time, physical a close second.

Here are actually the same which is possibly the reason we seldom argue, feel fuckin #blessed

I actually understand the appeal of all of them though - like I don’t think it’s bad at all if someone likes receiving gifts


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My love language is avoid people who believe that love language is a thing. They will bring nothing but bother into your life.

File next to: people who have ‘live, laugh love’ vinyl wall stickers. Cheugy as fuck innit.