Hey everybody! It's Friday evening!

Alright? Off work now until Wednesday again so that’s good. Got bbq marinated pork steaks, chips and peas for tea and plenty of beer. Just tried watching Brooklyn 99 and turned it off after one episode; just embarrassingly bad. Might watch Superstore again. What’s on tonight?


Flat is gross. And so am I. Will attempt to sort out at least one of these problems. Maybe.

Watching TLC at Glastonbury on the TV and wondering what to have for tea

Wife gone out for evening, so me and the kids watching Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Because I am such a kind and wonderful partner I was like to my wife “he’s £40 for a taxi” and she was all “thanks, I’m driving there” #rinsed #muggedoff #chump

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Got Glastonbury on. Eldest’s birthday tomorrow so chilled night so long as he chills and goes to sleep


Me - “why is Clifford so big?”
Kid - “Because he’s Clifford the big red dog idiot”


Alright? Been buzzing for tonight after a cunt of a week. Gonna get melted and watch Glasto tonight (all weekend) and order a takeaway.


Feel a bit low, but been looking forward to another episode of Severance aaaaall day so that’s going on the minute wasted gets in.

SFPP with garlic bread and mozzarella stick sides, I thinks



Lots of walking today so I’m ready to go to fancy dinner shortly.

I’m also extremely sunburned of the face.


Don’t know what takeaway to get. There’s a new Katsu place in Glasgow. Maybe that.

£5.50 delivery fee, I think not.

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Losing motivation to get off the sofa

Some noodle thing

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Having Indian takeaway. Going to get it now

Pure exhausted by this week, not even sure why.

Glasto, wine, asleep by nine.


oooh baby it’s board games night tonight, gonna get wild!

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Salad and real housewives

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Ello loves.
Right horrible shit of a day tbqh. Still, got the weekend off from doing too much admin stuff which is nice and my friend is coming round to stay and cheer me up.
Leftover pasta bake again but with the added addition of oven fries, and a white kinder bueno with vanilla ice cream for pudding in front of love island.
That’s it, that’s the post.


Idles are fuckin shit man.



We were hoping to get Carlito Burrito tonight, but it turns out they’ve shut up shop and gone to Glastonbury. Apparently they have two stalls there. Why couldn’t they have just one stall and still sold me burritos here? As if my Glastonbury envy wasn’t bad enough?

I wonder if La Choza deliver?


Oh actually look at this delightfully bizarre glove toy I bought for the cat

(Alas not my living room btw)

Gonna give it to her tomorrow when there’s an audience to witness her… well, either delight or horror I guess