Hey Everybody


Just got a note from that bloke from discourse that Theo was upset had sent a note to someone else on here and he said please stop doing so many fucking polls. Please.


could you run that by us again?



no probs


is theo asking or the discourse bloke? which one was upset? thank you in advance for clarifying.

  • The OP makes complete sense.
  • You wonder simply wear a what now?

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Discourse bloke is asking (probably a little upset), Theo is very upset.


i understand. and who sent the note?


The guy from discourse. I would link to the original post. I think it existed. Potentially I may be slightly delirious. I am in bed on antibiotics.


get well soon, mate


Thank you.

  • Polls Are Great
  • Clicking Things

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probably the only true form of democracy left


State of discourse in 2017 etc

  • Once in a generation poll
  • Poll means poll
  • Polls for some. Miniature American flags for others

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  • you can’t vote in this poll
  • no.
  • this poll is inaccessible forever
  • why won’t you heed poor Balonz’s wishes
  • this is a window to a shop and you paw helplessly against it
  • the poll is inside, beyond the glass
  • you cannot have the poll

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:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:


oh no, I left the poll open for a moment whilst retrieving something!


@boothyfearssatan is trapped inside forever.