Hey Everybody

Just got a note from that bloke from discourse that Theo was upset had sent a note to someone else on here and he said please stop doing so many fucking polls. Please.

could you run that by us again?

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no probs

is theo asking or the discourse bloke? which one was upset? thank you in advance for clarifying.

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  • The OP makes complete sense.
  • You wonder simply wear a what now?

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Discourse bloke is asking (probably a little upset), Theo is very upset.

i understand. and who sent the note?

The guy from discourse. I would link to the original post. I think it existed. Potentially I may be slightly delirious. I am in bed on antibiotics.

get well soon, mate


Thank you.

  • Polls Are Great
  • Clicking Things

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probably the only true form of democracy left

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State of discourse in 2017 etc

  • Once in a generation poll
  • Poll means poll
  • Polls for some. Miniature American flags for others

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:rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:


boothy’s done you there, and serves you right mate!

just like… nicola sturgeon?

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Let this be a lesson to you, pollsters. Someone was always going to get hurt. Fortunately it was boothyfearssatan but next time it could be you!