Hey guys, name me some places you'd buy your Washer/Dryer from

That isn’t Currys or John Lewis because those were my go-tos.

I guess @anon29812515 isn’t around at the moment? :frowning:


Think I got my last one from Argos actually. Decent selection and price, and they installed it and took away the broken one for a small fee.

Edit: just remembered you’re not in the UK, so that’s probably not much help, sorry.

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Real Domestic Appliances, on Chapel Market.

This is to replace the one that just broke in the UK. Our friends living in the flat have a kid so the frustration here is that Curry’s and others can deliver quickly but John Lewis seem to have the good options!


What the hell is up with this. If they deliver fast they only have shit stuff in stock. If they have good looking ones then WHOOPS gonna be weeks!

AO.com are good. Fair prices and delivery is really well organised


OOh, thanks

So the place I mentioned up there were outstanding when it came to swapping the old one with a new appliance. No hard sell, but genuine advice. Cost-wise no different from John Lewis or Curry. The guy who installed it made a great effort to ensure it all worked fine and looked as it should. Disposed of the old one too. They are a firm local(-ish) to your London place. The only potential problem is that you’ll probably have to contact them by phone as they don’t have an online presence I think.


street corner

They do have a website: http://realdomesticappliances.co.uk

Yeah ao.com were great. Totally fitted a kitchen out with them.

If not J-Lew, then whoever comes up in a Google search for the model number of the product I’ve chosen from the John Lewis and/or Bosch selection of products.

Ao, as already mentioned? (Think I read somewhere that they’re kinda the online continuation of Comet.*)
Robert Dyas? (Use the FREEDEL50 code)
Co-op electricals?
Direct from Bosch?

*Yep - Here - a geeky site with a couple of other ‘interesting’ pages about white goods branding/manufacturers here and here.

i’m a launderette type of guy

Thanks all.

I have used ApplicancesDirect in the end. Seemed decent enough. Also had to buy a decent but not amazing one due to need to get it there sooner rather than later. Ah well.

In general reading reviews of washing machines I come to the conclusion there is a wide gulf between what people really want from them and what companies actually provide.

Hi! Got my last one from AO but would check hotukdeals nowadays before doing anything else despite being a den of villainy ie @Jeremys_Iron @harru and @plasticniki


Sorry what? Dunno about AO I was too busy reserving 18 of these



I think ours came from AO.

One of those Samsung ones that plays a tune when it’s done

Coop electrical.

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Hot! Stick 'em on eBay in the new year, make 70p profit a piece before fees, should work out a good £0.45 an hour’s work put in.

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Have you checked the (Steve) Eyelet

(not sure I can get any worse than this)