Hey guys, name me some places you'd buy your Washer/Dryer from

Have you tried using Terry’s chocolate in it instead?


Sorry, it was just the shittest pun on this


Just a bit overexcited about going to Guildford later.


Have you all finally settled on a boozer?

No we are all working from home today so probably won’t speak until we meet at the station. But we have £147 that I can spend on my CC and mine alone so they really don’t have much choice (although I’m a fucking nice guy so if the other two really want to go somewhere else I guess I would - before storming off to dance at Wetherspoons by myself).

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I need to buy an oven, if I buy one will the people who deliver it also install it and take the old oven away?

My washing machine stinks and the dryer doesn’t work so I might as well get a new one, if I do that will the people who deliver it also install it and take the old one away?

What are the chances of a buy an oven and get a free washer/dryer (or vice versa) deal in the Boxing Day sales?

You can pay them to do all that shite. It’s very easy to install a washer dryer though (but maybe not take one away).

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Was it really busy?

Yeah, the taking away part is the main benefit there tbf. Oven will definitely need someone to install it as it’s built in or something

AO charge £15 for disposal and £100 for installation.

although as I was getting a kitchen done my builder did it for me.

Also worth noting AO do discount codes and if you’re getting a few bits are happy to do a deal on the phone.

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Nice one, ta

You’re like the pied piper of Guildford man, I’m sure they’ll follow your plastic all the way to the boozer of your choice.

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Sounds good, to be honest I would like to be on the train home at about 8 or 9. Got the boy to myself tomorrow so don’t want to be too hungover.

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Ronys in the market for a washing machine! But they have to fit it as I fit the last one and we cannot exceed 800rpm without risking structural integrity!

‘What would u like to drink Roasty? (the full roaster)’ ‘Very kind of you B-man Ill go for a Stout with roast dinner chaser’ ---- how they all laughed

He’s very much a real ale man, favourite is White Shield, doesn’t go for this poncey new wave craft ale bullshit!

I wouldnt expect anything less from Roasty