Hey Hey Its Friday Evening..

never hea


I mean you probably have tbf

Hey all. I’m blasting this out and dancing in the living room because that’s the only place we can dance right now. Have a good evening lovely dudes x

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Took dog for a walk when I got home from work. He had a lovely time, playing with 4 of his dog mates off the lead in the field… Then he rolled in fox shit to ruin it all. So got back and spent a while giving him a bath and drying him off.

Had a fry up for tea.

Gonna have a beer and some snacks and maybe some rum later.

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Making mushroom pasta sauce and I’m even going to blend it because I can


Evening. Stopped at THREE different service stations but all of their food outlets were closed. Limped home and got some hot dogs instead. CBA with my job, anyone want it?

and at the end of every week
each one of us becomes a freak

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Ooh yeah, we had some of the ottolenghi at home stuff for valentine’s, v high grade experience

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Evening all!

We had Morrisons Finest pizzas. They weren’t that good but I am full of bread and cheese and nduja.

Have been to B&Q twice since finishing work, in aid of fitting a front gate that I’ve been putting off for months. Then curry leftovers from last night and now a film with Jackie Chan as a babysitting spy.

Home Base closed at 6 :frowning:

Should I have another hot dog

  • Yes
  • No
  • Have two

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how was your hotel brekkie?

Good evening friends

I found a mouse in the kitchen, so that’s good. I’m always the one who manages to see the mice first so naturally I get the blame for them being there. Also last time I had to be the last person to see the mouse, if you read my meaning, bet that is the same this time as well :roll_eyes:

Going to eat and beer the stress of that and the rest of the awful day away.


Honestly not that nice to sit down to a full breakfast in the room you slept in when you woke up 15 min previous. On my next trip I think I’ll just go toast and yoghurt


Nothing eventful on for me I’m afraid, will probably drink a few cans


We’re watching Patriots Day.

Does Mark Wahlberg make films outside of Boston any more?

Eating pasta as fuel for a big Zwift bike race tomorrow. Also going to drink a few cans (but not too many), do a bit of writing, play a bit of FFVIII. Need to warn Headmaster Cid that missiles are heading towards Balamb Garden.


the new chilli marmite is so nice I’m having toast every day, bored of it now

Tonight the dj blah blah blah

Year eleven memories right there ffs

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