Hey Hey Wednesday


How are the members of my favourite internet community this morning?

I’m trying not to panic about R going on buses with his dad today, which is silly. Just… it has been so long it isn’t normal any more.

Today I will try balance need to do useful things with an overwhelming urge to sleep. You?


Silly toddler just had a tantrum because I went to put her socks on her feet. I’ve spent a high proportion of my day so far beathing deeply and calmly.


Got too get up and go to work.
CBA, but it gets me or if the house.

Good morning!

Having my final morning coffee at Horse Farm Ltd. If all goes according to plan I’ll be on the coach back to the city in 2 hours :sunglasses:

Will spend my coach time thinking about Film Club options, promise! Normal life will feel closer and more real again once I’m on my way home.


Mrs W is taking the kids to Aquapark (a huge inflatable obstacle course set up on the local reservoir).

I’m going to have the house to myself for the first time in months!

Unfortunately I have to spend my time doing work. I really, really must do some work…


Morning FL, morning all. Out for a walk before work and rain set in for the rest of the day. A flock of swallows and house martins around earlier so summer’s not gone just yet. Also, a squirrel ran past me on the bridge. I’m not sure why that surprised me; it’s the easiest way to cross the river, after all.


I had a dream that I was on the top deck of a bus and saw @anon75298087 and @profk having a natter in the street. Might have been Airdrie high street. I caught the prof’s eye (I think, he was wearing cool guy sunglasses) and waved at him, and he flipped the bird.


I mean… morning.

Still watching this lad do sausages




He was wearing double denim. Some kind of print on the back of the jacket - might have been the Drive Scorpion?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


1 - Might start posting again.

2 - Also, my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years moved out last weekend. We’re staying friends but she already has a new fella.

1 and 2 are probably connected, right


Got to go get V in a bit, will be a difficult and over tired day as he rang at midnight to say he was homesick and upset then was sending pictured of them all playing X box at 3 and then saying his phone was dead at 7.


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Was meant to be going to the zoo today but forgot to pre-register and all the spots were taken.

Gonna go get a burger and then go to the place with the wall of beer taps later instead.

if it helps, my dog loves going on buses. when we got her we didnt have a car so if she was going anywhere like puppy classes or the pub or somewhere where she gets to see fun people she would have to get on the bus and she proper buzzed off it. now if she sees a bus she has a look at it like ooh is this for me? or she’ll sit down and see if anyone she knows gets off. anyway thats maggie, dot doesnt really give a shit about buses tbh




Look at my breakfast. Homemade vegan lemon curd, banana and oat pancakes, maple syrup and blackberries that i heated up quickly to make them juicy.

Better start work in a minute


Morning all!

Possibly doing my half day today so we can go out for lunch at Dennistoun BBQ; possibly not if we can’t be CBA.

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WAY too much work to do today, and I can’t be arsed with any of it. And I went for two runs in two days and now I’ve got big blisters. And it’s raining.

Is there anything else I can moan about?