Hey Hey Wednesday

hi friends

was gonna go Tintern on my day off but it’s damp and miserable and I should probably just stay in and apply for jobs.

Got some Marvin Gaye on to start the day. Might have some nice sausages for breakfast. Diet resumes tomorrow I suppose.

Just broke a nice wine glass. Day ruined.

Morning dis.

Today is tilty friday!

It’s bleeding miserable outside. I’ve had some alpen and a coffee, and now I’m doing some workywork.

I put new sheets and duvet cover on my bed last night and it really makes a different doesn’t it?

How’s Fall Guys?? I am lucky to make it past stage 2. So frustrating.


That’s a totally understandable concern and not silly at all. My first few bus journeys into town were a bit nerve-wracking and I was very conscious about where others were sitting, though the bus operator had tape across certain seats to ensure social distancing was maintained. Less people were wearing masks as it’s become more normalised I see that more people are. Hope he has a good day out :slight_smile:

I’ve been working less than an hour and I’m getting so pissed off with my managers. The team I work in has been two people down, so half capacity, since January and I’m juggling so much. My bosses suck at communicating anything with me and seem far too laidback about things, and I’m yet to receive any kind of thanks for picking up so much extra work, particularly during this period. Argh.

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Hello I am still on holiday it’s nice. I’ve been on the music forum a lot though. Would you say it’s weirder and more argumentative than ever? I think it is.

  • I think it is
  • I think it is not

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My wifi kept cutting me out so I gave up but will go on again later. think I’ve made it past round 2 once, and then the wifi cut out.

This did me


can you bring me back some ribs pls

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Where dis you find this video of me?


Had a really shitty message from a colleague about some forms I’m trying to fill in and to be honest, don’t feel like doing any work atm.

I am on my way home :sunglasses:


I’ve not noticed it being weirder or more argumentative. Perhaps I’ve missed something. I’m sure they used to be really argumentative back in the day.

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I don’t have anything interesting to say. Here is my cat being cute instead.


I hoovered so I think I can go back to sleep now, right?

Just realised I have to have dinner at lunch but have no idea what I want or what we have. Misery pasta maybe? Have a veg box on the way, with any luck it’ll arrive before lunch and give me something good to work with…

@Slicky £3.5k


Just cover the house in a massive tarpaulin instead I reckon

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Still, can’t argue with that $8 saving

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We are having our garden redone in Jan. £10,000 :open_mouth::astonished::open_mouth:

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The worst thing is, the guy who refurbished our house, including converting the extension from a flat roof to a sloping roof… is a roofer.