Hey it's Saturday


Post below about your plans, food, music choices, sport watching ect…

Morning Ricardo, morning all

No actual plans today aside from the dog needing a walk, and the eldest going to her footie match this morning.

Will do the usual agonising over whether to relax and do as little as possible, or make the most of the day and go out, or do some work, or start emptying the loft in advance of moving. Then it’ll get to tonight and I’ll feel rubbish for not really doing either option in a meaningful way.

But then we’ve got tacos for tea, so that’ll be ace.


Tacos for tea sounds great. I’ll be round about 5ish


My plans for today…

  • Breakfast
  • Haircut at 9am
  • Drive to mid-hants for a wood walk with mates
  • Visit a street food hall place
  • Drive home and relax


I kinda wore myself out last night as I cooked two things I’d not cooked before (prawn toast scotch eggs and then a lamb Wellington with sumac, feta and nuts*)

Making lasagne later too. When will this end?

Supposed to be going for a walk this morning with another family but I’m angling to stay at home and rest.

* supposed to be pine nuts but they were like £5.40 for a bag compared with £1.60 for a bag of chopped mixed nuts

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Why do I literary crawl, tears streaming from my bed during the working week, but find myself completely incapable of a nice doze on Saturdays.

It is not fair! Not fair!


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Doesnt feel like a Saturday.

Park run…stuff… Kathryn Joseph

Just had an enjoyable time catching up on he last few days in the politics thread. Was liking watching a film where you know what the twist is.


Just with a little more soup than your average film

Morning, woke up earlier than I’d like but yet to move. Need to do some tidying, main plan of today is

Looking forward to it, especially as only I’ve seen Sinead O’Brien before


That looks excellent

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No plans today, Saturday has snuck up a bit after a busy week. I should really try and get a bit more work done but I can already tell that’s unlikely, I’m knackered. Will probably do some housework so it feels like I’ve done something useful but hopefully the day will involve a walk in this autumn sun and then a quiet evening with a film.

“This is tmrw” looks like a note I would leave myself.


Been up since 5.30ish with a cold, having struggled to get to sleep last night. Feel okay at the moment, but thinking it’s not going to be pretty come this afternoon.

Watching La Crunch. French defence has been good so far but the English runners are just relentless.

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Morning all!

We had a bit of a disrupted sleep so everyone has slept late. I’m currently doing snuggles with The Child under a duvet on the sofa.

The weather is shite here. Drama this morning, bathroom appointment this afternoon and then soft play birthday party later.

Off to Hounslow Urban Farm to hang out with my sister and her kids and some farm animals. What a day.

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Doing bacon + black pudding rolls for breakfast.

Dog walk.
Hair cut.
Do some tidying, etc.

Going for Local Indian tonight.

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Hi, eating toast with E, going to a baby clothes sale thing at half 10 to get some bargains, then off to a 2 year olds birthday party in the afternoon.

Off for a run, lol, who am I.


Going to record all my pooing in this way from now on…:rofl: