Hey it's Saturday

I did think about rephrasing this because of the potential for this type of unpleasant humour.

I expected better of you.

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Dog has got a bad eye so got to see if the vet can see him. Then we’ve booked one of those fields with tunnels and sand puts etc for him to run about in without fear he’ll race off after any lady dog which is his new favourite thing.

Going to put the hoover about and then it’s lasagne for dinner I reckon


Almost didn’t post it as I expect better of myself tbh. Disappointing.

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Still lying in bed.
Gonna be a #lads day as wife is going on some night away with friends. Gonna take kids to cinema and arcade. Watching Lyle Lyle crocodile which looks absolutely hellishly shite tbh tbf

Have had to wake our baby up at 7am every morning this week to get them to nursery on time

Weekend rolls around, would love a tiny bit of a lay in, baby wakes at 6am.

Classic baby.

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Best day of the year.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.


Glorious weather for it now.

Man, haircuts with hector are the best. No chat, hot towel, face massage. Beautiful

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15 minutes to go. 6 Points in it. The dog is giving me death stares, wanting his walk.

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Apparently it’s a really good game according to my mates.

Going to clean the flat properly because I’m a bit behind with that then this afternoon I’m going for a haircut.

Linda McCartney sausage sandwich for breakfast :+1:

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Always a result having a no chat cut. I’m also a big fan of no mirror.


All I get is “Usual boss?” “That a good length?” “All good? Finished”. Perfect


What hangover foods am I getting

I always had the best chats with the hairdresser, but tbh I had known him since I was 1 - can’t imagine a silent cut

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So much better than a “How’s work? Family ok?” Awkward chat with a guy I see for 30 mins every 8-10wks. And as I chat to various members of the public daily, it’s like a bit of sanctuary from social interactions.

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Fair, guess we had just actual conversations about football music holidays etc so - different vibe

Miss seeing him :frowning:

they’re absolute heroes of Birmingham live music

I really regret that I didn’t go to the pre-pandemic Future Days festival, cause that ended up being the only chance us Brummies ever got to see Black Country, New Road in their original form



We’re on a train!

Off to London this morning to marvel at @dingers Wonderlab thingy at the Science museum, then we’re going to blow Jimbo’s mind by taking him to Hamleys.