Hey! It's the evening thread!

Hi! I feel awful! Trying to exclamation mark my way out of it! How are you all!? Hope you had nice days!

I am making pizza from scratch but I don’t think my yeast is working. :frowning:


Jam on toast, then getting M to bed as early as poss so I can meet some people in the garden with a bat detector to see if we have more than just pipistrelles.

So excited! Normally I just sit on the grass in my own watching them in my pyjamas but I’ve acquired other neighbourhood bat fans :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh no :frowning:

I just need to be patient but if it’s done nowt by quarter past I’m starting again.

I’m imagining the bat detector to be something much more high tech than it probably is.

I hope M gets to sleep on time for you :crossed_fingers:
Probably going to be a long bedtime with R as apparently he slept quite a while on the bus home with his dad.

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Hi! FL! Just made and eaten a whole heap of lasagne and chips so just mainly lying down now. We’ve just started watching Queer Eye so more of that on the cards I think. Really hope you GWS.


hi! i also feel awful! is it possible my aircon unit is making me ill?! thought we were having burritos tonight but it seems like maybe not! no masterchef or bake off either! what a time to be alive!

Can I just futher up the wholesome points here by also stating its jam made from the raspberries that grow outside my kitchen window.

Please refer to me as Felicity Kendal from now on.


Got a bad cold and banging headache. Binned off my colleague and ordered room service for dinner. Bingeing 13 reasons why s3.

You can just hear them talking better than you can with your human ears. And a conservationist is coming so he can distinguish the voices from species to species.


I hope you feel better soon!

Also you too @Twinkletoes!


And…oh no about the bus sleep! I go to great lengths to avoid naps these days, which often makes doing anything after midday quite tense but its worth it to not be past past 8pm anymore.

Hope he doesn’t stay up too late :confused:

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Just got off the train. Group of 4 sat on the 6-berth part. Definitely drunk, possibly high as kites. Playing (inoffensive) music through a portable speaker and speaking French. Everybody super politely ignoring how loud the music is. Two guys get on and have to sit on the two remaining seats. Look traumatised for 30 minutes as the drunk people mildly harass them (ask what they do for work, nick the paper to read their horoscope, lay head on one poor guy’s shoulder, talk about them in French). But it had a happy ending because both guys got off at the same stop and I saw them having a super animated friendly conversation on their way out of the station and I like to think they’ve bonded over their shared trauma and will now be BFFs.


At Gatwick, eating Nandos


Bloody hell, did you lot have to post so much while I was away? It’s going to take me weeks to catch up with all of this.

Sorry to hear you’re having a shitty evening, @anon89873996 :hugs:


Waiting on Japanese food, then I’ll go home and repair my GF’s guitar (NOT A EUPHEMISM) and play some alternate tuning fingerpicked guitar for the evening.


It’s really, really not worth it.

My forums OCD compels me

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I think the dough is rising. It’s taking its sweet time.

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