Hey, it's Thursday morning!


Anyone else still in the waking up an hour early club?

Have a nice day everyone, you know what to do with the thread… go!


Actually got a good nights sleep for the first time in a while!

Maccies day today


Yup, waking up at 6am, getting up at 8am (or not as is the current state of play)


Morning :flashlight: and assorted DiSers. Loads of work to do today. C. B. A.


Nope! Woke up half an hour late today. Might be late for work and havent even had breakfast yet!!! Disaster.


Morning @Flashinglight @laelfy @AphexTwinkletoes @jordan_229 @ericthefourth and @ttf (typing) and @Witches

I woke up at 6.20 rather than 6.30. used the extra ten minutes to trim my beard. (Never heard it etc)


Had to get up at 5:30 to go to Newcastle, the train I aimed for did not exist, I don’t think my phone battery will last the day and I forgot to bring a book. Might see David Thomas Broughton tonight if I get back at a reasonable time


i keep on dreaming about my teeth falling out :grimacing:


Morning, got a deadline at midday so gonna crack on with that then having an eye test later which I’ve been putting off for years because I know I need new glasses but couldn’t afford it before.


Morning assorted DiSers

Short ish day at work today. Then driving to Stoke on Trent shudders this evening, for a funeral tomorrow. Then spending the weekend there afterwards. Might squeeze a trip to Buxton in on Saturday.


Oh hi great friends!
Was up most of last night with a 3 year old throwing up!
Have a great day great friends!


Bit selfish asking him to hold your hair back.

get well soon, child of safari



I’ve put the bins out and made coffee. No idea why I’m telling you this!

Had a goodish idea for a thread but might wait until next year


Think the timetable on the line I commute on has changed meaning I no longer get a seat for the hour long journey :frowning: fuuuuuuccccckkkkk

Had a coffee tho.


This is the kind of forward planning this place needs.


Morning everyone! Off to see Run the Jewels later :point_right: :fist_left:


Hey, Thursday, fuck off!


Morning all!

It’s quite cold here and will probably rain later. I have speaking assessments booked from about 10.30 until 4.00 with a break for lunch. None of them have emailed with sicknotes yet.


Morning all. I wake up early but it’s because of the many alarms my wife sets as part of a long-con exercise in trolling me. I’ve just taken Monday off work for absolutely no reason other than a 3 day weekend sounds nice? Time to find a new job isn’t it.


I’ve been saving all my ideas for threads for the AMAs. I reckon I could have got 200 replies out of the wedding disco scenario.