Hey it's Wednesday evening!

I am working late this evening, because I planned to work externally this afternoon and then realised I’d left my power adaptor at work. So I went to pick it up which basically crunched an hour and a half out of the middle of my day.

I’m gonna have some pasta, chicken and bacon for tea I think. Same as I had for lunch, but I’ve got the stuff so why not eh.

How are you, chums?

Evening ssf!

Got some tasty deliveries today

Gonna have a chicken pasta thing, get through some admin, then probably sit down with these and a book


Woof I could drink one of those beers and listen to that record right now. :drooling_face:

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Evening. Masterchef is all I have going on in life at the mo, gonna just wait for it to come on and then go to bed. :nerd_face:

Evening all. Just on the train home. Got chilli and chips for dinner, then got some friends popping over. Don’t even know why I’m telling you this or why I’m still on here.

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Off to warch run the jewels and Danny Brown in a bit.

Just made mushroom soup for tea


Having a rather large pizza for dinner (table pizza as @plasticniki calls it). Might have a beer and will be watching Masterchef, Apprentice and Detectorists.

fuuuck I want a pizza so bad

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I’ll post a pic, it’s a bloody huge pizzer.

right everyone out, ctl has won tonight :+1:


Yo ssf - I walked past your work today I think, had my eyes peeled for you on your lunch break but there were only posh Östermalm Office workers about

In other news, I made a cottage pie for dinner & it was goooood

looks good bruv, made some mushroom soup the other week, ye canny whack it

Pub quiz!


Also, reckoning I might trim my beard right back.

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I got a bunch of big prints in the post today! I love 'em!!!


Had my 4th puncture in two days while my bike was parked at work, so gonna have to get the bus. The person who I bought my wheels from had used these little plugs instead of rim tape to save a tiny bit of weight, the dickhead, but one has fallen out so the exposed hole has punctured two tubes and the tape I applied over the whole didn’t save the last one.

Don’t think anything makes me as mad as getting a puncture, and I get mad quite a lot. Punched my light switch yesterday and broke it due to puncturing a tube while replacing one last night.

It also means I am rocking this look, as I can’t really walk in my cycling shoes.


I recognise the face in numbers one and three :slight_smile:

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Haha, yeah. Someone asked where my avatar was from and after looking up his stuff to show examples I found some posters of his work and thought I’d buy them, ALL of them!! I feel like my whole flat is going to look like a 1970s school room. I’ve got so many school charts and posters and now these…!!

Very little happening round this way