Hey kids (!) is there a special term for Social Media friendships?

I imagine the answer is that I’m just old but occasionally something might come up in real life where I’ll need to reference someone on Social Media who I am ‘friends’ with, but I’ve either only met once or maybe not at all.

And I feel a bit presumptuous to call that person a friend. I mean I feel like friends are people you meet a number of times in person and have a personal connection with and chat to in a way that I don’t tend to find is very easy via messaging systems.

I mean I imagine @escutcheon (met once) and @BodyInTheThames (never met, wouldn’t even recognise him in a picture, don’t even know his real name, none of these things bother me) would be cool with me calling them friends. Maybe. Hard to know. ← even just writing that I feel a bit like I’m overstepping lines.

Is this just a peculiar old person sort of social anxiety? I mean obviously I am talking IRL mostly with contemporaries so that might add to it.

I think of you as a friend :heart:



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“Someone I know off the internet”

Although thinking about it, outside of here, I tend to know people I’m friends with on social media irl, so idk.


Lost souls

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I might say ‘Facebook friend’ to imply someone I didn’t see often. Or use something like ‘buddy’ or ‘acquaintance’ to distinguish from my actual ATDs.

Or like @blimeycharlie says, “someone I know off the internet” is good.

Such a mouthful and I also feel like it’s a bit diminishing as ‘someone I know’ reminds me of Rimmer describes the crew of Red Dwarf as “people… I’ve met”

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I believe the Younger People are actively discouraged from making friends on social media if they don’t know people already.

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That’s because all of the older people are trying to get them to rank Radiohead albums


Twitter people call each other ‘mutuals’

I call them “People I Know From Gigs”


Friends is an anagram of DiS Nerf.


Well are we? This is what I mean I guess… I don’t wish to presume to call you my friend :smiley:

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When did you last throw a Nerf ma0sm? Summer 2016 for me

Depends who it is, I might say “that guy balonz” and people would probably know.