Hey, let's do that thing we've been putting off!

Today is the day guys! We’re finally going to do one of those things that we’ve needed to do for ages but haven’t done because who can be bothered with that really?

I’ll be your moral support through this process - post details about what you’re going to do and I’ll do a personalised motivational reply! Wow!

Some ideas if you have so many things you can’t even remember:

  • Switch utility/insurance etc provider
  • Get a spare key cut before you end up having to call a locksmith out
  • File those letters you have floating around
  • Reply to that email even though it’s so late it’s a bit awkward now
  • Make that dentist/GP/physio appointment
  • Don’t let that contract expire, silly, it’ll cost you a fortune
  • Return that thing that you’re nearly out of time for
  • You haven’t booked that annual leave yet?!
  • Maybe time to update those passwords, yeah
  • Bet you haven’t updated your address/phone number with the vet or the GP or whoever
  • That free trial or gym subscription you signed up for? You’re not going to use that, come on
  • Your car shouldn’t really be making that noise - get it into the garage ffs



  • YEAH! I’m going to do the thing :muscle:
  • Eh, maybe I guess
  • Just not sure I can be bothered really
  • I have no admin to do because I am perfectly organised and also a massive liar

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I love days like that but today is not that day for me


Can I join in if I did the thing on Saturday?

I’m going to cancel the free trial of that rubbish map app that I downloaded because View Ranger got RIPed.


That’s great @AutumnBeech! Think of the money you’ll save by not letting it tick over. You could buy a couple of OS maps or get some good walk books! Don’t let free trials claim another victim!


I really need to find a wedding DJ. Strongly CBA and seems to be impossible to tell if a DJ is going to be good via the internet?

What’s the date I’ll check my availability


Oh :frowning:

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You can do this @meowington! Focus on the kind of music you’re after and look at reviews and testimonials. Remember that everyone will probably be too drunk to notice if they’re any good anyhow! Think how much better you’ll feel if it’s not in the back of your mind!

You’ve got this :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thanks!! I needed this motivation!! :muscle:t2:



I need to get round to asking some solicitors for conveyancing quotes. I’ll do this today.

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Brilliant! Get that process moving and be one step closer to a wonderful life in your new family home!

You’ve got this :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I need to buy a new washer for the shower head. I really can’t be arsed cycling across town at lunchtime to find some grubby hardware store.

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I have minutes at work from a meeting ages ago that I need to do this week and am going to do them TODAY.

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This but x2 meetings

Any chance that people actually read yours, or are they just cast into the void like mine are

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Oh yeah mine get reviewed and signed off by quite important people :grimacing:

I fucking hate writing minutes. Feel like I’m destined to be writing them for the rest of my life.

That’s even worse, but yeah at least a motivation to get them done …

I think everyone here is just trying to get promoted until they are too senior for minute writing, then gives up and coasts